Project info

Project info

Luxury Escalade

Luxury Escalade is currently the most popular limousine in Houston. Your wedding can become more exceptional and memorable if you wish to make a distinctive entry in a white Escalade. The Luxury Escalade is the epitome of style and grace. You will be able to use all of the latest amenities while remaining comfortable and luxurious. If you wish to experience an exceptional limo service at an affordable price, please visit our website.


  1. Luxurious, Plush Leather Seating
  2. Comfortable seating for 5-6 Passengers
  3. Third Seat Option
  4. Color TV with DVD Player
  5. AM/FM Stereo & CD Player
  6. Convenient Reading Lights
  7. WIFI Internet available on request.

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To book this or any of Limo Service in Houston’ extensive fleet of vehicles, call (713)-266-5466 or visit us 9212 Rasmus Dr, Houston, TX 77063, USA ! Also email us directly at